Grup Ses w/Ethnique Punch


Grup Ses w/Ethnique Punch | Deli Divan
Souk Records (LP/DL)

TURKISH DELITES: There are twenty-eight short tracks in this collab between Turkish Grup Ses and Berlin-based Ethnique Punch. This falls somewhere between hi-hop, spoken word ala Laibach and a big meta ‘aha’ play on sampling/tape effects: snap, crackle, pop + a whole lot more. They stir in a jumbo portion of Middle Eastern themes with an attitude. They spit rhymes (I think) with a slightly reverb flow, and flow here we go. Handclaps, coughing, burps, divine stringed instruments, lasertag (?) and an atmosphere that feels infused by cosmic light. The vocal plays between Hare Krishna chanting singalongs and something slightly sinister. This is no average rap, rather something exotic (in the classic sense) this way comes. With all its traditional reflux, constant vinyl hiss, and psychedelic edge the record breaks any possible genre-ization. Deli Divan is a two-part record (vocal/instrumental) on the flipside.

ONE DIVINE DELI: As you spin the wax to the b-side it’s fairly amazing how different this feels in context without the flatline vocal aerobics – though it better aligns you with the low-end chords and meandering sound effects. In fact, I didn’t even notice the groovy bass on side one, and here its familiar and overtly pronounced in a way that makes the listener find their hipsway. Also, one thing that pops more here are the tape deck elements, you can literally here them press ‘record’. The backing vocal, almost like a stretched drone is also present, or is that some kind of instrument that mirrors the human voice in chordal form? I don’t know, but I like it. If you love an instrumental that goes off the rails (say some of the electric 70s recordings of either Herbie Hancock or Miles Davis) you will love this for all its lil’ jam session style vignetting. It feels as though you are being indoctrinated into some kinda electric boogaloo harem without consent, but it’s good for you. By the end of this these guys are channeling some out of transmogrified body stasis. This is one funky mutha fuc*ah (wipes brow…)!




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