S/T by Sutekh Hexen


Sutekh Hexen | S/T
Sentient Ruin Laboratories + Cyclic Law (2xCS/2xLP/DL)

Hermetic infrastructure of introvert brutality”                                           

A locomotive from hell, smearing by-passers with absolute static filth and wonderful monolithic exaggeration! People, this is Sutekh Hexen hailing from USA, one of the most profound projects in the contemporary extreme scene; deconstructing black metal since 2012 by constructing their very own vein of black sound: harsh, shrilling, crushing, hissing, creaking discharges of electric mayhem. S/T is their ninth full length.

If one thing must be attributed to Sutekh Hexen, that is their progressive evolution and experimentation in the margins of the extreme spectrum. Another thing is that they do not afraid to go beyond obvious and the expected, with each new release, contributing something unique to their cause. From Luciform, their debut, to S/T, there’s a huge road traveled.


Trademark of Sutekh Hexen is this hedonistic merge of totally blacked noise with totally mesmerizing and progressing black metal, a cloud of sonic dismemberment to those that will indulge to the lust. On this record their destructive roots grew amazingly bigger and the flower born is huge. As years pass, things are developing in a finer approach but without any breach in their archetypes! Raw lines with hidden melodies, intermissions from one harshness to another, producing excruciating terror and uplifting expansion for my ears. Structured flows of apocalyptic sound are aggressively there, but more refined, more certain, evolving beautifully, obliterative magnificent. Ten tracks creating a hermetic infrastructure of introvert brutality and heavy veils. S/T is collectively an inference of progression, musicianship, determination or with fewer words, a token of amazing experimental black metal of the purest kind.

Grab S/T in the format of your choice, and dive in an immense vortex-like roller-coaster, in an unstoppable locomotive from hell that will smear you with absolute static filth and wonderful monolithic exaggeration!     



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