Terrarium by VOID

Void Terrarium Cover

VOID | Terrarium
self-released (DL)

Out of Barcelona comes the duo VOID made up of David Viñolas and Carlos Martorell with their debut, Terrarium. By combining improvisational synths and motion sensors their sound has liquified jazzy melodies as emanating from a futuristic neon-lit cafe. There’s is a sound that veers between a harem-infused jam fusion and the twinkling lights that one begins to see when under the influence. Their jazz is as influenced by abstract drum n’ bass-style breaks as it is by retro arcade games – but when they are at their most laidback (Lophophora Williamsii) their personal style, bathed in a quasi ambient glow, really comes forth. That’s not to discount their ability to assault the drumkit.

EVERYTHING IN MODULATION: Like subway cars passing at close proximity, the air pressure that one experiences in-between each, is, in part, what you get on Terrarium. And one might imagine these two have listened to their fair share of 70’s era Herbie Hancock and Max Roach as they have Squarepusher and μ-Ziq – as there are bits embedded in the passing moments that are as dizzying. At times they seem to want to rock the block (Fittonia Albivenis) and barely catch themselves within inches of reserve. They prove to have a dynamic sound well worth further exploration.

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