Patience Soup by Phew x Oren Ambarchi x Jim O’Rourke


Phew + Oren Ambarchi + Jim O’Rourke | Patience Soup
Black Truffle Records (LP)

Completely irradiated experimental earmark”                                        

Whenever I stumble upon an album bearing heavy names, things are self-explanatory. I’m delighted to give a listen and write about Patience Soup, an album featuring guitarist and percussionist Oren Ambarchi (Australia), multi-instrumentalist Jim O’Rourke (USA/Tokyo, Japan) and vocalist Phew (aka Hiromi Moritani, Japan).

Megalith of sound, compressed in very minimal dimensions, Patience Soup is minimalist in its perspective. Phew’s vocals are extraordinary -to say the least- and her early collaborations with members of Can are quite notable! Vocals deeply ethereal, hazy, theatrically haunting, erotic, avant-garde, poetic, blissful and terrified to the fullest extent.

Ambarchi and O’Rourke create an amalgam of guitar sine waves with high tonality, charged electronics and piano, all acting colloquially. These oscillating sound waves are fully agitated — eventually everything merges into a big, collective drone. An agreement, where instruments drill and vocals fill, balancing from serenity to harshness, from structured to chaotic, and vice versa!  


Feeling completely irradiated. In Patience Soup sounds fall bit by bit, in drops, sounds that are in heist! This is a remarkable live performance of the trio, at Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center, Japan, on November 4th, 2015. Two pieces, clocking at 49 minutes, a vinyl release by Ambarchi’s own label, Black Truffle Records.           

((( LISTEN )))




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