Pachira Aquatica by T. Gowdy


T. Gowdy | Pachira Aquatica
Shimmering Moods Records (CD/DL)

An predominate (holistic) bouquet of bright electronic sounds

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, T. Gowdy is an electronic music producer, audio/visual performer and musician who began his career as a professional choral singer at the age of eleven! There is this sweet looking CD that needs to be reviewed and to be honest, it was something I picked just because it looked so attractive.

From the first moments of Pachira Aquatica, something is quite certain, and that is a holistic conception in terms of musical approach. An predominate (holistic) bouquet of bright electronic sounds emerging from a strange set-up that involves FM/buchla synthesis, cathode ray-tube television electro-acoustics, smartphone analog to digital converters, feedback and more. An earthly manifestation despite the electronics, which brings into my mind Dancing, the renowned painting by Henri Matisse! Every bit of sound is whirling around itself, creating a dreamlike, improvised, fantastic environment, full of sonic color; synth-generated high frequencies are overwhelming and the bass alike!

Everything seems to be in haste. The album begins slowly, but evolves rapidly and with increasing speed. Pachira Aquatica unfolds its emotional concept, that of finding space in uncertainty, time against our physical-virtual-emotional relationships (sic), a condition that is acoustically evident in these experiential recordings, goal achieved, concept materialized amazingly! Kudos for the magnificent packaging. Could not be something different, something less beautiful. T. Gowdy, I salute you!                                                                                 

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