Yahatahachiman by Merzbow



Merzbow | Yahatahachiman
Other Voices Records (CD/DL)

“Five mantras of noise absolution”

Merzbow, is always a highly anticipated noise project hailing from Japan (since 1979) and also recognized as one of the earliest projects in what we now call “Japanoise“! A legendary and highly prolific figure, Masami Akita, the mastermind behind Merzbow, has created 333 (!!!) albums and 50 singles from 1981 onward, has collaborated with the most important experimental artists and on top of these, he is a dedicated animal rights activist! The fact is that harsh experimental noise/music would not be the same without his vital contribution.

Yahatahachiman, originally released on Akita’s own label, the now defunct ZSF Produkt (1983) and was one of Merzbow very first cassettes. Thankfully, in 2019, Other Voices Records reissued a remastered version on CD, with new cover artwork. A cassette reissue too, would be amazing by the way!

There is nothing in noise, or, there are few things that are so cataclysmic as listening to a Merzbow album and Yahatahachiman will brutally expose you to the manic, raw and rhythmic noise of his most early material. A steady stream of electronic filth, guitar, electric percussion, voice, noises, a hysteric noise obliteration accompanied by one pounding drum machine, hammering the listener’s ears mercilessly! Orgasmic discharge of catastrophic sound glitches, rivers of eclectic sound pollution of the purest kind, wonderful material to say the least. After listening to Yahatahachiman, one can easily understand where the iconic album Venereology that came a decade later, has its roots!

In conclusion, Yahatahachiman is chaotic but structured, an outcome so perfect that inevitably transforms into something vastly meditative and ritualistic! Created with the utmost care, an electronic evangelion, five mantras of noise absolution.

Masterpiece, nothing less!    

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