Red Shift by Lingua Lustra


Lingua Lustra | Red Shift
Silent (DL)

Opening with the title cut (or Redshift), this half-hour long recording has an undulating and synthetic quality. Red Shift is Lingua Lustra‘s latest ambient evolution and the Dutch wave bender Albert Borkent’s first release of 2019 (he put out four separate releases last year). This is not your uncle’s ambient, it’s far more blithe and anesthetic. There’s a fleeting aspect to this, maybe it navigates the psyche in subliminal ways?

Off Key changes the colors to something a bit brighter and mistier. You can hear his inferences to German electronic music of the 70s clearly, particularly the work of Moebius & Plank. There’s a sense of reserve in the repetitive moodiness and soft tones. It’s the aural equivalent of raging goosebumps or static electricity taking hold – a tingling sensation takes over. Blueshift adds a little bleakness and is really a mutation of the first two tracks with an added ‘on the road’ repressed melody, rumbling drone and just feels like we’re in limbo.

Then the setting is upended with a bit of old school lava-lamp-like synths, stretched and loaded with floating effects globules. Return sounds like it is coming home, to Earth (?), from a mystical/spiritual journey (?) — it’s returning to dock, to a familiar territory. But along the way you can almost see the neon hallways of Logan’s Run or the gravitional suspension of countless spacey epics. An electronic honey-dripper.

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