Terreng by Jon Wesseltoft & Balazs Pandi

MFR073 DigiCover

Jon Wesseltoft & Balazs Pandi | Terreng
Moving Furniture Records (LP/DL)

Soft Close-Up begins with a meager alarm, set right into a pleasant bit of abstract jazzy percussion and perhaps the lift of a helicopter. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of effects that kickoff Terreng, the latest from collaborative duo Jon Wesseltoft (electronics) & Balazs Pandi (percussion). Here they contour noise like we are amid a high point crescendo, and that’s just for starters on this two lengthy track album of surprises. Their is palpable voltage running through this set, with its many crooked tendrils extending broadly.

Much clang fuels the crevices of every corner of space, they lay it thick. Midway this mirage-like soundwall has become an industrial installation. Wesseltoft & Pandi‘s fusion is breathless and dense, pure concrete music with only the outermost ridges of hinted potential rhythm that never quite materializes. Instead you are left with the fallout, zaps of gizmos and gadgets laid to waste in the aftermath of their clamour.

Refractions has this repetitive glitch loop at the front end. Once Pandi’s drumkit enters, with the sass of cymbal and other shadowy resonances, the track begins by falling apart. With each short loop in immediate succession the core of this is subliminally quite trippy. The electric jam session fires up oddly within its most minimal moments where clarity comes from the echo of its own din. Hard to define its edges. Drumroll, please!

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