Wabi Experience by Wabi Experience


Wabi Experience | Wabi Experience
Mikroton (CD/DL)

“Seminal touch of electronic music, traditionally rooted”

Wabi Experience is the result of the collaboration between Tomislav Federsel (Tomáš Procházka), Czech sound artist and actor, who had the idea for Wabi Experience and Jára Tarnovski, Czech experimental musician from the band Gurun Gurun, who came in creative support a little later. The story goes back in 2002, with Federsel’s desire to remix Wabi Daněk‘s Czech country songs, a legendary musician in his field and a strong familial memory for Federsel.   

This project took ages to materialize, in fact, seventeen whole years including some mishaps, setbacks, frustration, and in between, inevitable hardware breakdowns. There is a helluva story surrounding this album in Tomislav‘s words: “I worked with sampler Roland JS-30, borrowed from a friend. It had no external memory, so I had to always keep it on. The result was not so special, but I got hooked on the material. I continued exploring its possibilities, which I just began to see.” Be sure to read the full story, a quite interesting supplement to something beautifully created!

Every moment of this recording is magnificent, clocking in at 44 minutes. Forget everything you – may – think or imagine about remixed traditional or country music. The sound of Wabi Experience is fully deconstructed, not just remixed! No trace from the original tunes, instead, a seminal touch of electronic music, traditionally rooted, derived from an unknown (to me) source; this adds a lot to the overall enhanced mystery. The outcome is bizarre and original, powerful, a unique blend of electronic and a transformative approach.

Wabi Experience is a puzzle with a cut and paste process, made out of reborn raw sound materials, with a very sensitive, minimal approach in terms of effort and imagination. Federsel and Tarnovski treated their raw sound material with utmost care and gave life to a new hybrid of traditional music.

Their work is complete, and their experiment fulfilled after so many years of struggle for it. Thanks to Mikroton from Russia, so that we can also be part to this experience. Unfortunately, Wabi Daněk passed away in 2017 so he cannot listen to their efforts. Nevertheless, his work is re-emerging in a new form but with the same deep love!  

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