Toneshift Recommends


This month Toneshift is curating a selection of conversations with international sound artists. The series runs for the entire span of May, however, during this time we have received a number of outstanding work in various genres and hybrids thereof, some which it would be a shame to overlook despite our primary focus at the moment. While we cannot offer more extensive reviews, we highly recommend the following half dozen:

Velo Di Nebbia - Cristallo Cover klein

Velo Di Nebbia | Cristallo
Drone Works International (CD/DL)


Uton + Yoshihiro Kikuchi | Invisible Reflections
Vibora (CD/DL)

Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows

Pandelis Diamantides | Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows
Studio Pandelis Diamantides (DL/ART/VIDEO)
Sedition (related collection)


Melting Bridge | We Come From Tomorrow
Evening Chants (CS/DL)


Flavien Gillié | I Do Think We Should Touch
Lagerstaette (CDR/DL)


Bronnt Industries Kapital | Force the Line
Giallo Disco Records (LP/DL)


Other Recommendations This Month

Annie Mahtani on empreintes DIGITALes:
Cichocki on The Helen Scarsdale Agency:
Dane Law + Beachers on Fractal Meat:
Sophie Delafontaine on empreintes DIGITALes:
– Yair Etziony on False Ind:
Fabio Orsi:
Junkie flamingos on The Helen Scarsdale Agency:
– Martin Rach:
– Monsta on Opa Loka Records:
– NUM on Past Inside the Present:
Richard Skelton on Corbel Stone Press:
Von Tesla on Boring Machines:
João Renato Orecchia ZúñigaBuh Records (
Nathan Moody: Heliopause (
Katsunori Sawa on Opal Tapes (
– Secret Films: 35-53 (
– Mukqs: SD Biomix ( on Orange Milk Records
– Oberlin/Alexander Holtz (
Ornament und Verbrechen on Tapetopia:
– The Sacred Entertainment:
– Total E.T.: (
Soho Rezanejad:
Only Now:
Matthew Prokop:
– Alder/Chrysakis/Kraabel/Silver:


Thanks for Listening.

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