Certain Colors by ANN


Ann | Certain Colors
Seasides on Postcards (CD/DL)

The debut recording from ANN (Marcus Block) who has also recorded under the moniker of Ann Other has been conjuring sounds for nearly a decade. In this stunning ambient work of deep texture and foggy atmosphere we are set adrift within a marine fantasy from the moment Crimson begins. Each track gets a color to identify itself. This work is robust and somehow gentle, murky and somehow honest. It’s really a wondrous conundrum.

Grey is a whispy tale is fashioned to court a smouldering drone that co-stars a wealth of crackling effects that offer a surface treatment that is quite sensory, along with a transitory voiceover. It’s delicate and impervious. Once Ocre begins there’s a bolder set of building blocks and scattered microbeats. While in no way a dance track whatsoever it does refer to the whole late 90’s/00’s era of Raster-Noton. The piece feels betwixt, transitional within the preset context here. It does set the listener up for the gorgeously elusive, and much brighter, Orange. Amid the minimalist aesthetic here is a low down funk track awaiting to break from the surface. Infectious.

On Purple Hue the pocket widens to encapsulate the balance between the watery lows and a churning drone half-beat. It sounds as if ANN has added a bloated wind filter here, as if there is a atmospheric pressure that we are up against – yet the track, as a whole, has something yet to resolve. That, in fact, may come to some fruition on the delightfully melancholic and slippery Vermillion. It’s saturated edges feel heavier than anything else here, like being in a deep sleep (or a mudbath – highly recommended). You are floating gently in a large mass, the body simply a particle in a cosmic space.

Finally we approach the closer, Yellow. The spirit remains somewhat resistant to outside forces, yet here we have a world that feels like a subliminal mirage, where the surface seems to become stretched, smudged. It’s hard to see beyond the glazed barrier, but audibly the tiny beeps and spun chatter are indicators of a world just beyond your window.

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