Grass and Trees by Earthen Sea


Earthen Sea | Grass and Trees
Kranky (CD/LP/DL)

Earthen Sea is American producer Jacob Long. Making work since around 2003, this new release is grounded by its resolve to sooth, yet keep to a stimulating mix. Hints of Basic Channel fuse with an aerated set of warm ancestral beats. Earthen Sea has a clean, contemporary sound that takes you to some distant island on Window, skin, and mirror.

The atmosphere is spirited, and soft, always even and invigorating. Spatial ambiguity has an ambient dub surface curling up, then stretching out – a living, breathing entity. Long’s sound is one that puts the listener at ease, and sporadically adjusting the temperature to keep things warm, provocative. It does this with the nuance of delicate drone and sultry rhythm.

This is a world into which I feel fortunate to get lost and re-adapt to a more ruminative peace of mind. Living space takes me to this unfettered world imbued with sparse percussion and delicate dub. And Grass and Trees is a long-player, for which my only real criticism is I wish it were even longer. A great introduction to the work of an understated artist who knows how to add just enough color to the larger acoustic canvas to keep this intriguing from end to end.

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