V by Conjecture


Conjecture | V
Amek Collective (12″/DL)

V arrived in a gorgeous marbled gray wax, the latest from Vasilis Angelopoulos and his project Conjecture. From the start we are immersed in a dark, lush set of drone, recessed and amid explosive contortions. With each tiny eruption on Ύπνος (Sleep) the listener may take pause as this builds, defining its edges as organic, and in trouble. The rhythm follows with an irregular half-stepped beat and surround sound synths. The many shades of gray are lit as if interrupted by an industrial fan by moonlight.

In Σώμα (Body) this same dank atmosphere continues with thunderous background percussion and a host of other post-glitch peppered throughout. A deconstructed techno with an aching thriller-like coating. The ear will be incredibly active as Angelopoulos seems to be taking us into an adrift stasis in a flight of pangs and punctuation. This is impassioned work that is conceptual, cogitative and contoured to flow between moods both ambient and industrial.

When wavelike chords are deployed there is this essence that produces a nerve-ending pulsation that really gets in your head after a while (Κρόνος). Though what starts as something quite contemplative and slow turns to a post-EBM in its beat-laden coarse viscerality. Call it what you will, when this wraps with Σάρκα (Flesh) the circuits are open-ended, the setting is in limbo, the corners are shaded, as it churns round and round with a female voice whispering, inaudibly at first, as if on a loudspeaker in a massive train station. Are we trapped, or are we welcome? Promises have been broken: there are choices and there are consequences, and whatever the result, this leaves the body aflutter.

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