Return Journey by Aros E-V


Aros E-V | Return Journey
self-released (CS/DL)

A unique, short tape of electronic sounds made up of two tracks of tape loops, field recordings, and digital processing – running at just about twenty minutes. It’s got a chill vibe, fairly warm tones and lots of crackle and hiss, referencing the source. This Minnesotan, now based in Bath, England, tends towards the less fussy side of minimal electronic drone. Aros E-V‘s Easy Step sits in this state of oblivion, sort of mimicking low-grade precipitation. In the final minute the chords drop into a bit of a smoulder.

On the flipside, homage to O is a bit more ambitious in heterogeneous effects, pairing the distant drone with the up-close-and-personal textural/actions and wavy synth. On top of this he adds a moving scratchy surface interfaced with elongation as it fades in and out in a cyclical but a not so strict short loop pattern. This is the artist’s (whose day name is Ryan Evans) fourth short release in the past year. The mood comes across as steely, poker-faced, but the scrawling, even outside the edges in moments, gives it a humanistic quality. The tone moves from the center, outwardly, with a glow. Just a glimpse into a fairly new artist.

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