Mother Destruction by Empty Chalice


Empty Chalice | Mother Destruction
Toten Schwan Records (CD/DL)

“Astonishing streams of crawling ambient with hints of light”

Empty Chalice is the dark ambient moniker of Antonine A., hailing from Italy and Mother Destruction is his projects latest installment, an emotionally conceptual sequel of the previous album Emerging Is Submerging.   

Color grey. My experience with Mother Destruction is splattered with color grey. A thick layer creating a filter which guides throughout the whole listening experience. If there was a term of… grey ambient (in comparison with dark ambient), this album would be a solid example. Ambient is a visual music above all, images that are about to be unveiled and Empty Chalice is feeding us with such imagery.

Astonishing streams of crawling ambient with hints of light, in an overly dark atmosphere. Evolving soundscapes, released in a vast marginal space. Compositions minimal and elegant with brushed details and moving elements. Electronic sounds that collide with the physical ones and out of the collision, merging occurs.

Mother Destruction demands a certain devotion while listening. Sincere to its nature, it is ritualistic in every sense of the term. Shamanic chanting and instruments are scattered around in the recording, in an urban context. Conceptually, it is a story of determinism, of defeatism, of absolution through obliteration – past, present and future. Mother Destruction is a birth celebration and a lament and in the same time, a commentary! Through the simultaneous process of creation and destruction, the process of evolution is carried forward. A concept that leans toward inner self-realization as well, through an emotional state of mind. A glimpse of life’s birth, evolution and destruction, as the pattern of existence.

A collaborative effort of Antonine A. and a group of fine musicians which was invited: Peter Verwimp (Ashtoreth), Ryan Beitler and Thyme Nord (Rare Form) and Zoidberg Bill (Kurgan Hors). Presented as limited to 100 digipack CD. Should you wish to acquire a copy, make haste.   

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