Il Ciclo Del Vuoto by Neunau


Neunau | Il Ciclo Del Vuoto
Boring Machines (LP/DL)

“Industrial, drone, avant-garde cooked masterfully”

Sound research is a never-ending endeavor, unpredictable in terms of researched material. Structured or maybe chaotic, apocalyptic and almost hallucinogenic in its process. Neunau is the sound art moniker of Sergio Maggioni, hailing from Italy. His sound research is combined with archaeology and realized as industrial music. Familiar? Unknown? Weird?  

Neunau and the concept behind the project has its roots to Valcamonica in Northern Italy. Their symbol was found carved on a rock, dating in pre-historic age. As I read, “it is one of the most baffling figures among the wide range of prehistoric alpine iconography.  At first, this symbol has been linked exclusively to the Valtellina, one of the major valleys of Northern Italy where it was first identified but then, in recent years, the most recent findings prove that it was widely known also in Valle Camonica. It is mostly visible on steles and other engraved boulders, and belongs to the wide and varied iconographical patrimony of the Italian Copper Age spanning between 4th and 3rd millennium BC”. Quite a  story!

In all of Neunau works, the place that the sounds were collected, plays a fundamental role. In this context, the project ventures forth, giving us some solid pieces of finest experimental music, aesthetically brilliant. Sounds collected and used as raw materials, then processed and manipulated, combined, merged and dismantled. His sound emerges, almost esoteric to its core, industrial music, yet earthly and organic. Mind-saturating sound chunks, sculptured natural sounds, metallic, crushing, melodic, serene and brutal! A sonic amalgam, very precious to listen to. Rhythmic, both emotionally and electronically charged, maximal by being minimal, even playful and dramatic.

I am soaked from this masterfully cooked experiment. A revolving epos, a holistic veil of sonic embracing. A non-static album, clocking to just 33 minutes, yet so complete in the very last detail. Visually realized with utmost care, as the sleeves of Il Ciclo Del Vuoto were hand-printed on a mobile character letterpress from 1880, by Marino Andreoli, making each copy unique.

You want more of this, I bet you do…     

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