Twee Lindebomen by Karen Willems + Jean D.L.


Karen Willems & Jean D.L. | Twee Lindebomen
Aurora Borealis Recordings (CD/DL)

“Top-notch dialogues, in a very sincere experimental language”

It is afternoon and quite hot outside. Initial summer scorching is evident from the tiny island from where I am writing these lines. Quiet afternoons are a perfect match for what I am about to share with you.

A musical “agreement” between avant-garde drummer/percussionist Karen Willems and avant-garde guitarist Jean D.L. (aka Jean De Lacoste), both hailing from Belgium, is materialized as Twee Lindebomen! An album that was recorded live in the church of Saint Nicholas in Le Roeulx, Belgium, the village where De Lacoste grew up. During a two-day long session, last Summer – in this case Summer is indeed relevant. Their collaboration set the context of an agreement. Both musicians actively researched for transcendence between the boundaries of acoustic and electric realization (if any).With absolute freedom, they have left everything open-ended; they are truly playing with each other, resolving ideas within a common experiment and the questions that arise; the answers come in sound. They have started a bit of an excursion, dropping deeper into a venture of improvisation and they managed to find parallels, in total harmony and equalization. It is exactly the point where plurality becomes singularity.

Willems’ drums, free percussion and vocals sound haunted, minimal, existential and organic. A natural sonic phenomenon, rock pounding upon rock and wood upon wood alike. De Lacoste’s guitar and tape manipulation is the opposite side of the same coin. Equally minimal, dark -more or less- and chaotic. They penetrate gently the thick percussive layer, adding higher pitched notes and cathartic passages. It is obvious that they actually live every second of their time together. They have gone far and brought a sense of agitation, and that is quite far: eight pieces of improvisational mastery, clocking at 30 minutes.

Have you ever put your ear on the earth, in order to listen? There is a strong relationship between that and that of Twee Lindenbomen. Top-notch dialogues, in a very sincere experimental language.

All in a six-panel digipak CD, limited to 200.

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