Less by Corrado Altieri


Corrado Altieri | Less
Azoth (CD/DL)

Consisting of nine tracks this disc opens like a purring motor, no – maybe it’s a hive, agitated at a low pulse. Recording since about 2002 in several acts and collaborations, this may be his debut solo effort. It’s got a dynamic, robust low end that starts to swerve with a minimal patter beat by midpoint, that comes to a sudden stop twenty seconds before the end on Warm. It’s disconcerting, but sometimes punctuation is the only way to drive a point. Icy digits are released met with a slippery shuffle beat, and abstract blank spots, making for an abstract take on minimal techno. Corrado Altieri lays down digitized detritus, almost like static or dust – mixing it with off-kilter arrangements which take unexpected routes to their final destination (Interno). And when he lets off the collective steam it’s a resilient blast.

The approach here is rather minimal, held close to the chest, and a touch ill-at-ease at times. When Drop starts there is a lot of twitching effects with a ebullient, pulsing sonic center. It’s delicate and offbeat. The track is a clear standout, it harnesses this ebb and flo of channeling frequencies in a waveform style, showcasing the ‘possibility’ for sudden outburst, but remaining as restrained as possible. That said, this is no shy flower, rather a gilded lily for sure – even if you have to engage in a double-take, which this requires both ears to be at maximum listening capacity to enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Zoning is segmented down into the most micro textures, the artist seems to be rearranging his toolkit and there are sounds of some sort of industry revving gently. That tingling low-end frequency continues on the concluding Islands. It’s a bit more archiform, polar, and dare I say moody. There is a slight waft of work by Moritz von Oswald in the bent of Altieri, but it’s presented more like a fortuitous drawl.

At moments this wears a mask, or as if tuning into alien transmissions, yet at others broadcasts flashes of old school electronic programs peeking through, especially via percussion, as well as syrupy synths that move like slowly oozing fluids. A vital mix.


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