Walls, Corridors, Baffles by SSSS


SSSS | Walls, Corridors, Baffles
Präsens Editionen (LP/DL)

“Harshness, etherealness, rhythm”

Samuel Savenberg is an electronic musician and producer hailing from Switzerland and this is his debut LP with the SSSS moniker. Walls, Corridors, Baffles is an electronic album above all. I am using this umbrella term on purpose. Moreover, it has its portion of abstraction, but its it consists of elements that are quite distinguishable and appreciated. Pieces structured with unparalleled accuracy, emerging sounds that flow, an outcome that has multiple perceptive angles and approaches which are implemented in order to create these electro-active compositions. Savenberg used his raw sound material with precision, aiming to explore the materiality of the sounds involved.

Harshness, etherealness, rhythm, an uplifting and submerging album, where everything leans towards “a febrile embrace of an unheard-of, intense sobriety” (sic). Initially mellow and progressive, it climaxes eventually, with outstanding force! A multilayered vortex that the listener will delve. To take the shortest path of elaborating, there is a collision hidden in the guts of Walls, Corridors, Baffles, of percussive rhythm with streams of electroacoustic sounds, a clash of beautiful attributes. Emotional, dynamic, expressive, delightful!  

It’s is obvious that a lot of genres were peeled off herein, merged and poured into a transparent casserole of imagination and experimentalism for eight pieces, clocking to 31 minutes, to be served. Expect no less than a peculiar roller coaster, where the cart takes absolute control. To categorize Walls, Corridors, Baffles is equivalent to imprisoning within a labyrinth of technicalities. An album much more than tags and etiquette, a brilliant electronic experiment that went exceptionally well.

Electroactive no less…        

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