LP1 by Joseph Branciforte & Theo Bleckmann

Bandcamp Vinyl 12" Template

Joseph Branciforte & Theo Bleckmann | LP1
Greyfade (LP/DL)

Vocalist Theo Bleckmann and producer Joseph Branciforte bring something new to the vast table of elemental sounds. In four tracks that run over a half hour, at first the duo locks into a fragile microstatic pattern with a wavering rhythm and breathy overtones via 6.15. What plays on looped lock grooves plays with sonic layering with a low rumble and ghostly echoes. The vocal treatments are engaging, suspended and translucent.

This engages those who love experimental electronic music in unexpected ways. The music box style of 3.4.26 seems to slovenly trip over itself through secretive glassy tones. It’s a decanted airy ambient texture floating then hovering with a tweaked middle eastern style melody. In its gentle oscillation its difficult to imagine any listener not becoming engaged and one with the warm atmospheric sound they envelop the space within. On 4.19 this subdued use of soft tones continues to dot the entire setting with tiny acoustic inflections, earnest vocal strategies and the slightest of movements.

To close, the deep lows return, warbling the bottom end on 5.5.9. What sounds like an organism separating from itself, and breaking slowly into two parts, does so with a scale of grey area tones. Something here, in the breathy voice, distantly reminds me of an odd cross between Tor Lundvall and latter day Bowie. It’s a brooding and amorphous set of resonances that seems to be sinking. Down, down, down we go.

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