Traces by Spacement


Spacement | Traces
self-released (DL)

The latest from Spacement (aka Jeff Brown) is in two parts (Traces 1 + Traces 2). A moderate industrial drone opens the recording and it sounds somewhat like a muffled jet engine at 20,000 feet. The cover art looks like a split level topography of a microchip, or silicon valley grid at nearly the same altitude. It purrs with indistinct fluctuations of cogitative drone. This is more linear than most minimal records of the ilk, with only the most minute tempering along the way.

Traces 2 has more of a warped feel. The atmosphere is off kilter, a bit queasy. If I broke this down it might sound like synthetic sinewaves in a funhouse as processed through a daydream. This could be the incidental theme music from a lurid contemporary thriller. But if you pay close attention you will begin to hear the higher register rise and circulate through whatever listening space your accustomed to. This will make any room seem slightly lopsided. A tonal shift is the fine line  drawn right at its center, meandering in slow motion.

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