darkvoice by Jörg Piringer


jörg piringer | darkvoice
Transacoustic Research (CD/DL)

Austrian artist/musician jörg piringer describes his new record as: “the obfuscation of language. darkvoice is the code talker that no one understands because her language never existed. darkvoice is the ultimate self-censorship, the undecipherable message. darkvoice is the sound of the new world order, the private language of the net.” These eleven tracks are most certainly fresh and sonically charged, so let me break it down in some semblance of detail.

mmmma starts with a murmuring vocal treatment that sounds like a low grade industrial machine, with an added beat, and breaths built between. It’s a clever and interpretive mix that shoots from the hip, yet is expertly produced. Then comes menn cackling and spitting lines like a revved-up drag performer rapping, “cack, cack-a-cow” and then some. It’s metered, perfectly abstract but funky. piringer’s lively sound is obtusely ecstatic electronica with an urban feel. Managing to thread in the voice in a way in which it becomes a fleeting beat in and of itself is something rather new. In the end this is textured like a post minimal techno that feels encrypted.

There are plenty of awkward pauses, stops/starts, direction shifts and chugging synthesized sonics here to spare. darkvoice never gets repetitive, in fact quite the opposite, not from track to track, not even within each track. There is a coldness I can’t put my finger on as this tinkers away with broken rhythms and the complexities posed by such musings. Tracks like g-singe pump and prod with a pliable beat structure. My favorite here is teew which is some odd amalgamation of say Meat Beat Manifesto and Olaf Bender – unexpected. This record is set to stun.

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