UU by Signalstoerung


Signalstoerung | UU
Hymen Records (DL)

The new concept album UU by Signalstoerung (part of the Adventurous Music collective) is his second full length after his debut in 2018. The breathes in synthesis over a classical piano until met with an asymmetrical beat structure on UUH. Though warm in its delivery the production is like polished chrome, between techno and commercial music that slips into every crevice of daily life. Moving forward there’s a clinical melancholy structure to UUT, it’s lightweight at first, and the echo sounds as if this were recorded in a large club with high ceilings, sans late night denizens and other revelers.

Signalstoerung is able to easily blend elements of Jamaican dub with thrash-cut electronica, creating a hybrid in the process. Oh, he’s also packed in fragments of sci-fi soundtracks, tucked into the hidden shadows, and a generous helping of pregnant buzz (UUQ). I’d imagine he has learned from predecessors like Funkstörung and Photek and this is ordained with some of the same serrated frequencies, and use of timing, not to mention the way in which he can change up the atmosphere in a split-second.

There are dreamy passages between the beats and sizzle that deserve a mention, and this never charges into full techno assault, in fact has the restraint to understand how cliché that would be. Instead he takes the route of moderation, more snakelike than anything else, most exemplified on UUB with its moody rattle and faded coloration. As the record comes to a close things get a little funky (UUO) though other than gauged hipsway its not quite ready for the dancefloor, unless set for a contemporary dance for stage, which this would be on point. It’s about timing, punctuation, and disposition.

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