Spiritual Noise__Vol.1 by My Cat Is An Alien


My Cat Is An Alien | Spiritual Noise__Vol.1
Antigravitational Records (LP+BK/DL)

The return of prolific brother duo My Cat Is An Alien (Maurizio and Roberto Opalio), with two lengthy tracks making up their Spiritual Noise__Vol.1. Starting with Spiritual Apocalypse these outsiders bring the mysterious sound of effects and machines to new squeaky, howling silences. This works grinds a post-industrial requiem at a snails pace, triggering an assortment of ghostly semblances.

The contorted pedal-based loops circle with a craggy edge, the screeching lilt almost something you might here if you listen only to the background of an early Bauhaus track. Churning, whirring of worn drone and patient conundrums. Their work opens in its quieter moments, most of which sounding like reels of celluloid that have been recycled and erased countless times over. A sweet, hypnotic noise.

Speaking of which, the second work here, Noise Deliverance, picks up with a light set of asymmetric beats, feathery strings and a billowing howl that echoes on the wind. This begins to sound of a human voice humming and strumming a guitar to the infections rattle. There’s an Asian flair to the abstract melody. If you get a copy enclosed is a QR code that will help you access additional content which is an interesting idea, that and this included dedication:

SpIriTuaL nOisE

Art is…
if not vision.

Vision is…
if not poetry.

Poetry is…
if not music.

Music is…
if not noise.

Noise is…
if not spirit.

Spirit is…
if not love.

thurston moore 2019

The piece begins to veer with a etched, high-pitched squall, still maintaining the earlier elusive billowing calm – creating a enigmatic foil in terms of atmosphere. The two abutting approaches not only oppose each other, but there are moments where each, like individual voices, rise to the front, and vice versa. In the end there is this contorted melding together of tonal velocity, like frequencies dying out, and leaving its trace within the echoes. This will leave an impression.

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