Lower Yr Voice by High Aura’d + Josh Mason


High Aura’d & Josh Mason | Lower Yr Voice
Whited Sepulchre Records (LP/DL)

“A non stationary bouquet of ambient/drone experimentation”

The title of an album such as Lower Yr Voice, brings with it a demand, something that you should enforce upon yourself. Is this something mandatory? A request? A pledge? High Aura’d hailing from Ohio, and Josh Mason from Florida, (USA) most probably have an answer.

Lower Yr Voice is the fruit of a collaboration between the two musicians and equals a statement as to what an ambient album is. There is always a steady current of sonic soil, out of which all the elements, large or small, flourish. Quite a few references are apparent, but homogenized into both High Aura’d and Josh Mason collective style. Guitar and electronics have a major role, a brew of infused electric overload that soaks everything. Of course, the album is expanding proportionally, within its 33 minutes time frame.

As said before, electricity, in its raw and dynamic form, is present in all its magnification, making the recording quite rough as well. Splinters of electric discharges color the outcome beautifully, transforming the sweet dullness into power, a beautiful lack of brightness and vividness.

There is a bouquet of ambient/drone experimentation in Lower Yr Voice, which above all, is not stationary. It has its serene moments and slow motions but also, an exceptional rush that goes along the music.

Presented as either silver or traditionally black vinyl, where the black vinyl is limited to 150 copies.

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