Doesn’t Remember…by Whettman Chelmets


Whettman Chelmets | Doesn’t Remember…
Strategic Tape Reserve (CS/DL)

The beginning sounds like an end. A means to an end? A premonition? What have you, this is instantly activated and yet withdrawn, like one of those super long dreams where you feel like a fly on the wall, watching the world meltdown around you. This has that same embryonic, loose and liquid texture. Though I covered his Giant Eyes & Infant Steps earlier this year, this is a wholly new bowl of psychic soup.

A Radio City Hall Rocker begins with a cartoon announcer, and a heartbeat. Chock-full with the spirit of cinema, but through a few filters. Dreamy, lucid and embracing a post folk/rock blend of experimentalism I haven’t heard much of lately, the same warm feel that made the Kranky, Touch and Thrill Jockey imprints household names over a decade back. It’s an uncertain shoegaze drone that keeps tracks like Drowned and Faded unmistakable in its jangly chords and loose structure.  Elsewhere blurred voices, typewriters and alien sonics interject themselves within the lactescent shadowy ruminations.

A track like What a Failure of a Year with its ogre-ish narrator continues in the same recessed fashion, only here ephemeral melodies drift and fade away. The atmosphere is left of center, ill at ease, to say the least. Concluding with Softer Voices (and an intro – I see what he did there!) voices are emitted at a low frequency and lost amid a hazy mix with a light funk. As the intro (recall) becomes the outro we’ve clearly been mislead and/or re-adjusted to a new sense of relativity, going forward and back simultaneously. Has he achieved this, well as is said he likely Doesn’t Remember…

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