boneshaker by Mark Lyken


Mark Lyken | boneshaker
czaszka (rec.) (CS/DL)

boneshaker is the latest sonic work from Mark Lyken accompanied by a three-channel sound piece and film with collaborator Emma Dove. The title track is a shaded ambient work of delicate drone presented as part of an installation called Hame. The piece, while chill and introspective has this disquieting tonal separation. With its title I would imagine the partial intention would be spine-tingling to some degree, and it succeeds in the lowest register. The spectrum of their chosen sound space is quite vast.

Once the tape is flipped the windy permutation of the granite & the greywacke begins to roll on through. Again, a low rumble drone meets diaphanous synth waves that are as serene as they are potentially vexing. Amid the quaver and burrowing oscillations, its as if an angelic gate has been slightly unlatched. The sensation of float begins, oh, the tone float, riding this plume of equilibrium. And so it goes…

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