Unpredictable Signs by Kloob

Kloob | Unpredictable Signs
Winter-Light (CD/DL)

Unpredictable Signs is the fourth full-length release from from Spanish sound-artist Kloob (Daniel Ferreira) and his second on Winter-Light. Here we have a murky drone-ambient work mastered by Raffaele Pezzella (aka Sonologyst). Unreachable Realms is a haunting opener with breathy synths that seem perforated, seeping energy and elapsing time. This has a certain circumgyration that slows everything in its wake with a cooling effect.

Though Ferreira has dabbled deep into techno and other dance music forms inside and out of the Barcelona scene, here things couldn’t be further away. This introverted, self-contained world breathes in noirish cinematic tones, the type that are in-between scenes, leading to the action but never giving the story away. And beyond the bulbous cadences and elusive atmospheres one might place themselves in a cavelike space of existentialism. It begs the question: “where does society move to from here, in the present?”. Leaving the future to be pondered.

There are many records with a similar feel, and a similiar gray-scale ambient texture, but this is programmed end-to-end with a sumptuous subtlety that could easily be on replay for hours without hearing obvious repetition. In this way it’s more hypnotic than challenging, more emotional than interactive.

As we stand straddling the fence of the great beyond, the wispy quietude is both familiar and strange –  as if affected by either a mirage or a double-take deja vu. This is a work that glides on the thin edge of its mid-point horizon-line for long periods, allowing its observer to stare into the rounded corners of their own psyche. It’s silky smooth, with a just slightly off-center sixth sense floating freely.



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