All That You Wanted by Jim Wylde + sp3ct3rs

Jim Wylde/sp3ct3rs | All That You Wanted
Rusted Tone Recordings (CS/DL)

All That You Wanted may not necessarily be what you expected. Sometimes sound evolves in ways both unexpected and beyond immediate desire. The initial title track seems to set the tone with a flattened chord fluctuating drone. I feel as though I have heard this before, maybe a few decades back, but something is slipping from memory. There is a melody embedded in the meshes. The Montreal musician (Jim Wylde) has invited in the shoegaze ambient drone of sp3ct3rs to bring his compositions to a stage of weightlessness. Their combined work becomes faintly psychedelic and hazy, one only needs to listen to the droopy chords of This Too Shall Fall to better understand this slant towards the outermost cerebral pockets.

On Kest the girlish, lilting vocal of sprite-like Beth Roberts, in combination with the duo reminds me of NY artist Stephen Spera in its fusion of brightness, like the second coming of Cocteau Twins, just a lil’ sweeter around the edges. The vocal weaves in and out of a jangly ambience with a ginger fluidity. Simply sultry. And the mood continues to drift into shaded melancholy on the dread jazz cadences of No Kindness. Yes, this record will take you for spontaneous flight through Wylde’s emotional kaleidoscope, here couched by sp3ct3rs ambiguous low end which only draws from exhaustion on Seon. This down-low point is where they gel most efficiently, as the work plays like a lost, dusty tune from the early American South, post-shoegaze at its most ebullient.

The closer, As Light Breaks The Trees, with its overly pronounced organ just buzzes along, and signifies elements of nature merging, emerging and regressing. But once the haze clears a crescendo of light breaks through by way of a slow, staggered melody. It’s a bit of a dirge, with a hint of hope.

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