Resonant Spaces by Akio Suzuki

Akio Suzuki | Resonant Spaces
901 Editions (CD)

Akio Suzuki is known for being one of the most interesting sound performing artists to date. His approach to site specific performance and careful study of space acoustics based on experience and perception turns every concert into a unique experience which is, of course, hard to document and it’s only partially transferable on CD. In this very special release by 901 Editions they try to document Suzuki’s work by combining different media.

In fact, those who will put their hands on this precious record, not only will have the opportunity to listen to the recordings of a whole tour in different acoustically interesting spaces around Scotland, where reverberation and resonances play a major role in the shaping of sonic ideas and deep listening, they will also gain access to a thick booklet full of pictures by Keiko Yoshida, the personal tour diary written by the performer with text by Biba Kopf. This way we get a much more detailed idea of the creative process behind Suzuki’s work and his aesthetic choices and have more elements helping us to decode and and fully appreciate the performer’s work.

But even just sonically this album opens up a Pandora’s box of reflections and thoughts about interaction and timbric fluctuation. The reflections of waves bouncing against the walls of different spaces, with their various textures that catapult us into a unique perspective about sound. Are these spaces empty – what does it mean to be empty? How does an audience react in different spaces, where the projections of their own sounds become more cumbersome? Are two stones hitting against each other really the same stones in two different spaces?

Of all, the most impressive reverberation is the one of the Hamilton Mausoleum, where little hits become long ominous trails lasting up to fifteen seconds, here the performance is also enriched by the presence of John Butcher who gets into a conversation with the long swirls of Suzuki’s longest sounds and vocal elucubrations. In conclusion, Resonant Spaces is definitely another great listen by 901 Editions which proves to be one of the most interesting labels to follow right now.

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