LC01 by Low Chord

Low Chord | LC01
Other Songs (CS/DL)

Low Chord is Scott Orr featuring pianist Gareth Inkster. Strings, piano, synths and field recordings emerge as popping/breaking melodies in small implosions of microsound. Slowly the strings rise amid the meandering effects, it’s like post-shoegaze with an acid-tinged luminosity. As Clipps flows right into Runn it shows that the duo here are going for a nice flow rather than your atypical antiquated ‘songs’. Touch grabs my attention right away as it crosses electronics with the soft resonances of a drifting tide. The contemporary harmonic style finds a sweet spot in its brokenness.

The seven tracks here are a perfect short survey of a hybrid sound that flexes and wanes between chord structure and minimal deconstruction. In fact, this reminds me of some of the better moments from the 12K catalogue (circa the early 00’s), and carries on this legacy with it’s own magical flourishes. Fan Am feels as if you are inside a video game, between scenes, in a tropical bird sanctuary, with all sorts of sonic lil’ twists and tweaks, and a bit of elegant piano, just slightly dusting the surface, striding clear into the supple cadences of Walkk.

To conclude Orr and Inkster have lit the flame, a pilot light, and brought the tones down to a somber glow, fading with a hint of echo on C U. All in, this record is easy on the ear, and has just the right counterbalance of style.

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