Memento Mori by 156

156 | Memento Mori
Feast Of Hate And Fear (10″/DL)

Human bones were engaged as instruments by using as percussion and blowing into and through. If that isn’t enough to make you take a momentary pause, this is one of only a handful of such work from the collective 156, and it’s Cuban-born leader Adel Souto. Before I try to explain what I am hearing, this ten inch vinyl platter comes in a striking purple sleeve and ‘bone-colored’ vinyl, as well as a download which doubles the amount of tracks by adding the “Thunderdome Version”. This was actually released three years ago, but I just received a copy, and felt compelled to share my first impression.

This tends to be more on the avant garde compositional side of things than on what I may have assumed as skull n’ crossbones dark ambient. It takes its time and his instruments here are like percussion, like chimes, and the effect is like wind rustling through leaves, but it’s also quite suspenseful and raspy. The cyclical whining, howling gauge of acoustics is unique and never sentimental, more like a rhythmical dissection of many parts. To My Sons and Daughters just chugs along like a locomotive at a distance, it’s got the feel of something ancestral, as it fades.

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