Sonic Women

Toneshift on Mixcloud presents a special edition of its history-defining and defying sub-series Origins: Sonic Women. And there are some fourteen exquisite nuggets to contemplate here. When designing a weekly podcast for our readers to listen to, I felt it necessary to offer some context and background, however diverse, as possible. I dug into the archives, though there’s still a treasure trove yet to be unlocked, these seemed like a fantastic jumpstart. I hope you do too. While the experimental electronic sound scene has mostly been dominated by men over the years, we now and always celebrate the sonic women over the past several decades who have helped shaped the form. Remember to Follow as to not miss a single note (or whisper).

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    1. thank you for being supportive of our work, supporting women musicians and in general!
      i’m wondering, if by any stretch, if you would be willing/interested in being one of our voices,
      on toneshift, a regular reviewer? we often have works by women, and men and other binaries,
      and my team is entirely male. i’ve desperately tried to have female energies in our group,
      and have spoken to several women who turned us down, but you seem to totally get it,
      what we attempt to do with our focus pieces on women’s work. anyhow, if you’d entertain this,
      or not, let me know if you can. thank you so so much, tj (


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