UNDA by Birdworld

BirdWorld | UNDA
Focused Silence (CD)

The duo has produced a marvel of experimental jazz, it’s rhythmic, very fresh and contemporary, challenging, and defies those very descriptors. BirdWorld is Gregor Riddell (cello, electronics) and Adam Teixeira (drums, percussion) and they are a perfect marriage of cultural differences and rigor. UNDA therefore falls into this schism that eludes rational preconceptions, becoming a celebration of sound taking flight, freely but evocative and unconventionally composed.

There’s a playful spirit under Riddell’s coy strings on WP, with built-in non-sequitors that have a patent leather Latin flare, as the two men sound engorge with a sound emulating a full sized band. They drift into frilly, emotional patterns all while keeping their overt skills on show. And another wry turn on Fem mønster – Feedback may as well be by using a Speak & Spell (which they didn’t). But they do manage to fabricate a genuine collage of unrelated parts and pieces, crooning, inhibited noises, random speakers and reverberation – unifying them with a graceful mood.

As I listen in deeply I hear references to Psychic TV, to countless rock n’ roll string masters (Moody Blues, Steely Dan, Ry Cooder) to a road trip through Sao Paulo (?). Just listen to the way in which Texeira paces and manipulates his percussion on After Rain, mimicking inclement skies as if it were directly sampled. By blending from earthy tropical riffs (column a), spindly free jazz (column b) and underground experimentalism (column c) they’ve a wild recipe. With work that verges between unplugged and a finely tuned machine plotted like a grid (albeit a cubist’s version at times) these gents have something special, and worthy of multiple spins.

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