Posthuman-Species by Simon Grab

Simon Grab | Posthuman-Species

Swiss sound artist Simon Grab‘s latest is called Posthuman-Species is an aural double-take in ambient dub. In its own futuristic world, this comes alive with an irregular heartbeat and brazen (but smartly so) effects stolen from the notebooks of The Normal and Peter Baumann. We featured the edgy bloat of Apocalyptic Paranoia as the lead on a recent podcast. His robotic sound is a “mythology for the posthuman age” fueled by busted beats, squawks and other things that go bump in the dark.

Grab’s no-input-mixing is crunchy, gestural, as if line drawings are being amplified while in-progress. His oscillating lows and motorized revs are nu-noise, an ilk that is seemingly emerging from the industrial leftfield. What comes out of his experiments are these post rock riffs, looped and distorted. After the blurts and twists comes the micro-calm of Observatory, a short piece that offers moments of ‘as advertised’ contemplation. If ever there whether was a soundtrack for (and/or by) aliens this is it.

The excellent Neurochemical Behaviour is a stunning example of how Grab contemplates his penchant for the unexpected, outgoing and flashy, but disguises it under the expanded wing of tension-filled anticipation. There are ambient and drone passages along the way here (including the incredibly trippy ending, Posthuman Wonderland), but the works at center seem to really steal the show. And the composer seems only to be getting started with the drip-blip of Phase of Multiplication we are nearing something just shy of micro-techno but completely seductive.

This celestial record sparkles by moonlight.
More please.

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