Sayo 小夜 by Ryoko Ono & Duncan Pinhas

Ryoko Ono & Duncan Pinhas | Sayo 小夜
Hylé Tapes (CS/DL)

Cosmic jazz interspersed with and reinforced by built-up electronics. Ryoko Ono & Duncan Pinhas‘ latest Sayo 小夜 on Hylé Tapes is unique in style and substance. The mood spins and spirals upward and down by way of meandering sax and fluttering synths. If a watercolor painting came to life in the middle of a late night lounge act you’d want to keep the lights down low – that’s how this feels. Moody, sinewy, slick.

It’s not until Disappeared that you can truly start to understand this duo’s transnational vision. In it there is a sense of wear that attempts to capture fading light, but suddenly half way through, beyond the swarming sax a fusion of beat rises, it’s not quite a dance track, but it’s more adjacent to a thriller soundtrack. The quavering horn on the closer, Four eyes, with the phasing electronics seems to spiral in short cycles, into an uncertain, foreign place.

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