Monitress by Wobbly

Wobbly | Monitress
Hausu Mountain (CS/CD/DL)

After multiple spins so much has registered, so much hasn’t, so many echoes of impressions. Wobbly (Jon Leidecker) has long been at this, the making of sound sculpture through effects, collage and a myriad of sidesteps for many moons. Monitress is his latest, and its a very fine vintage, indeed.

Just as the opening track Instant Entity attests and expresses, so is the entry into a world of digital sound, true electronics, bouncy, twisted, pinned by it’s colorful, vacillating peculiarities. His canvas is between pop art and neo-expressionism, like slogans and spray paint colliding with arcade-isms and futuristic telecommunications. It’s fun, bloated, shy, wry, and panoramically chromatic. So compelling we included his frustratingly odd Medieval Refrigerator in a recent podcast.

But amid all the warble, flux and tonal bleeps is a deeply compelling, conceptual, coercive anti-narrative, falling along the lines of the Plunderphonics school, but mostly instrumental. The work, as a whole, is “for multiple mobile devices, each one running a pitch-tracking app and a synthesizer.” Which makes this the work of a true one-man band, an exploratory medusa (or octopus?) manipulating multiple hot spots simultaneously. And did I mention parts of this are pretty funky too (?), ah yes!

Machine-made squeltchy glitches, icy synths and cascading effects, all make for a delightful, if not brainwashing, affair for your neural capacitors. It’s funky folk futurism for frustrated folks. To make this the wild ride that it is took incorporating the following, to name a few (big breath):

iOS apps: Sonnus G2M, Midimorphosis, TC-11, Phawuo, GrainBender, Manetron2, PPG WaveMapper, djay Pro, Animoog, Virtual ANS, Cube Synth, microTERA, Tera Synth, iVCS3, iLectric Piano, NeoSoul Keys, ComboOrgan, Ondes, Ruckers 1628, VoxSyn, iMonoPoly, World Scales, Moog Model 15, ODYSSEi, M3000 HD, Sopranotron, tardigrain, Korg Module, Dedalus, SampleWiz, Shoom, Thor, Poseidon, bitKlavier, iSEM, SoundyThingie, DXi, Optigan, FM4, iCathedral, SingingFingers, Galileo, iMini, Stria, iPulsaret, 76 Synthesizer, iPolysix, Burea, Turquoise DS, SeekBeats,, Alina, AUFX: Dub, MegaCurtis, MicroTones, Moon Beam, Photophore, Nature Oscillator, Samplr, Audio Reverb, Drums, Impaktor, Argon, AD 480 pro, Attractor, Movement I-V, Drumatron, Wilsonic & aardvark.

Indeed. Get at it!

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