Push For Signal by Dosenöffner

Dosenöffner | Push For Signal
Modern Tapes (CS/DL)

Dosenöffner (Peter Keller and Casey Chittenden Jones) has just released a new tape of modular improvised noise captured live in a numbered edition of only 25 on Brooklyn’s Modern Tapes. Their sound is brusque and unyielding at times, and comes off as if it is either evaporating or being lost to some sort of sonic vortex. If you dig noise, this one is for you as this is not simply an assault on the senses, rather a series of static gradations that give off incredible reverb and ever-changing tonal values. The standout is the twenty-five minute centerpiece, Tag der Ahnunglosen. It’s a rorschach test for the eardrums, bathed in assertions and mysterious waves.

Writhing synth flourishes move along a path coated in understated harmony and an ever-present variety of industrial cadences. Moments are deployed in ambient washes along this protracted journey, almost like a travel video capturing unexpected moments along the way – bloated in pulsations and whirling hiss. The duo has managed to jigger a very robust, physical sound that shapeshifts and refines noise into their imaginary shapes.

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