Aesthesis by Shapednoise

Shapednoise | Aesthesis
Numbers (LP/DL)

Sicily’s Nino Pedone is Shapednoise, but it’s that and much more on Aesthesis. From the flame-red figuration on the cover, the short opener Intriguing (In The End) featuring Mhysa on a half-sung and otherwise emoted spooky overture. This flaming drone persists right into Blaze (w/Justin K Broadrick), this thing purrs or rather, roars of broken techno with restricted hip-hop leanings. And it doesn’t stop there.

Elevation is one of those tracks that sounds as the listener is miniaturized and then physically placed inside the gadgetry of a pinball wizard’s dream, at full tilt boogie, no less. Whirring gizmos flail and bring about a sonic fusion that is as lively as it gets. The way Pedone wields the percussive elements is where his deepest agitations are intensified and held back with a contorted tension. Instead of a pure barrage you will be purified in a psychedelic mirage of electronics.

If you watch the video you will catch his sensory drift. With its proto-industrial side intact Shapednoise takes on the darker side of where techno can go these does but doesn’t often dare – and does so in nine tracks over a short thirty-six minutes. The closer, Moby Dick (feat. Drew McDowall & Rabit) has a dialed-in sense of corrosion, gaseous emissions and a saw-toothed attitude. And while some may hear this as the more hardcore side of electronic music, it’s far from just piss + vinegar – it’s downright sound sculpture at its finest.


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