Without by Andrew Sherwell

Andrew Sherwell | Without
Shimmering Moods (CD/DL)

In just thirty-seven minutes West London sound artist Andrew Sherwell brings his follow-up to Approaching (Rusted Tone) and his previous effort on Shimmering Moods, Ektenia. Though I very much enjoyed his spirit of loose ambient drone in the past, here the mood is even more fleeting and ebullient. And while there is currently a serious glut of work in this field, Sherwell brings it with grace, easing the ear into his drifting scape.

The limited edition disc is broken into five numbered parts, or versions. The cover attests to this delicate intersection with its doppelganger twins, or a daunting reflection of what might be on the ‘other side’. Sure this could easily be mistaken for a transitory soundtrack for the weary, however – that’s too easy in my estimation. By title it might also imply a sense of loss.

The drone is as chill as anything on the Italian imprint Glacial Movements and even some of the more provocative early works of Thomas Köner. It’s got that haunting gauziness of a passing fog, with just the most delicate microsound elements for good measure. This is my favorite of Sherwell’s works to date. The tones slip and slide like pure gradations. With a touch in common with fellow artists in the field like Loscil, Yann Novak and label mate øjeRum – there’s always room for the most refined vision to guide the way of nu-ambient. Ultimately haunting.


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