śpie by Julek Ploski

Julek Ploski | śpie
Gin&Platonic (CS/DL)

Polish (sweet) noise maker Julek Ploski‘s śpie is truly hard to pin down, one of the more innovative sound experiences of 2019. A tape to contend with in a dozen upright experimental tracks. From the very opening phrases of papapapapapapapapppp the listener is in for a challenging ride of the senses. It’s whimsical, it’s cerebral, but ultimately boasting a cataclysm of percussion, burring, flowing synths, break-pops, reverse loops and plenty of the unexpected.

The closest thing that comes off-handedly to mind, then dissipates rather quickly are the visceral qualities in, say, Matmos’ classic A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure. śpie is like a ping-pong match in mid air sans tabletop, slowed and sped at his command. Informed by arcades and the punctuation of hip-hop on tracks like ja osoba która lubie which use the fore/background channels to great effect. The staggered tones and collage are very intricate here. At times like gunshots, elsewhere like translucent bubbles bursting in slo-mo. Oh, it’s packed with industrial whirs, crystalline tweaks and sensitive fuzztones though it’s not quite music to dance to, unless you’re a cyborg.

For these ears ja dziewczynka is quite a standout, it sounds like a conversation between Jawas, until it flexes into a post-Photek jangle. Completely warped! Herein lies the tension that a breakbeat just might be at any given turn, and the phasing of chords and cadences on ja mama are like falling into a sugar coma at a carnival. This is, indeed, ear candy.


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