The Last Minute or Later by Drumm & Golebiewski

Kevin Drumm & Adam Golebiewski | The Last Minute or Later
Uznam (CD/CS/DL)

Is The Last Minute or Later a meditation on death or simply about the pulse of life? In just about an hour the two venerable players here, Kevin Drumm (electronics) and Adam Golebiewski (percussion), issue a wielding dissertation in four parts, each unique chapters. Opening with the tricky Lightening Up truncated chords like chunky objects trip over themselves, in the radiance of tightly held and gliding synth drones. This is an uncertain post-jazz of sorts.

Their intentional tension release air leaks and meandering metallic shuffling leads to tweaky, cheshire smile electronics. One thing is for sure, I Can’t Not Lie fully launches into a pure loose improvisation, like an awkward marriage between Sun Ra and the Grateful Dead, slowed to a pace whereas you can only imagine the action just short of real time. It squeaks of unknown pleasures, and those yet to be fulfilled.

Tones shift, and the atmosphere drops decibels on the intermediate retreat of Fenced Off From Larger Worries. And taking this record out to its edge is Furnace, clanging as the kindle and fiery contents meet the elemental flash point. The pure industrial qualities are stirring, almost off-putting here, save for the fact that it’s such a beautifully orchestrated grotesque cacophony. Though I haven’t answered the initial question set forth, this is an exquisite re-thinking of what it means to go full-tilt.


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