Revolutions In The Head by The Stone Tapes

The Stone Tapes | Revolutions In The Head
Attenuation Circuit (CD/DL)

This is a unique collaboration between dAS, Edward-Ka Spel, Frans De Waard, Ninah Pixie and Philip Knight calling themselves The Stone Tapes (an unlikely combo of The Big City Orchestra, Legendary Pink Dots and De Waard). I’m unsure if this is a one-off project but Revolutions In The Head sounds stunning and nu-psychedelic. It’s trips the mind with blurred voices and siphoning synths, deep breathing, transistor radio frequencies and plenty of leftfield spirit.

Tracks like Groundbyte make rings and reverberate into new modified shapes. The watery trickling like a late night shower permeates into the darkness. While some of these folks may have worked together in the past, as a unit they bring their alternate worlds into focus by finding (un)common threads. It’s sometimes switched-on, dazed but never confused, combining drone with understated industrial knob fiddling.

Snaking Down Bourbon is a drunken jam fusion, a mish-mosh of orchestral warp and aching metaphor. But wait for the sizzle of The Clock Always Stops At Zero to find its light. Between static and harmonization is the unknown, and that’s where they find themselves, in the grind, afloat. Just in time for the liquified ambient ending which is deftly haunted.


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