Timecuts by Luis Miehlich

Luis Miehlich | Timecuts
Whitelabelrecs (CD/DL)

Take an hour out to drop the daily chores and hectic schedule to indulge in the latest from young Heidelberg producer Luis Miehlich (sometimes referred to as Woolookologie), called Timecuts. The ambient allure and glassy synths are tranquil, clearly distilled. In an illusory passage that plays on waves of chimes the title cut is split into four parts, but the record is almost a continuous longplayer. The dreamy mix is a bit stream of unconsciousness, with bells, strings and sublime, gauzy rhythms. The track that stands out is Memo, for its scratchy surface noise and delicate harmonic embrace.

The five final tracks are his Genshi, series of pieces. These vibe well with the previous works, however they are slightly more pinned to the fabric of classical observations. All these recordings were made between 2013 and 2015. Some of this is quite mellow (too much at times) yet Miehlich has the smarts to smear some assorted effects and noises within the lull of these sleepy cadences. Still, tracks like Genshi pt. IV (SineRider) almost evaporate they are so translucent, slightly tepid in mood. In all, if you are looking for a chaise-like stretch you may feel yourself undulating into the seams in the latter half here.

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