Toneshift Podcast Guestmix by Simon Grab

This is our first-ever podcast Guestmix collaboration, here with Zurich-based sound artist Simon Grab. This is an opportunity for an artist to share works that have inspired them or made them think twice, including mixing their own work in for good measure, as is here. His astute ear brings us some seriously odd bits from hither and fro, all around the sound spectrum of noises, interruptions and short melodies and back again. There’s a lot to like here, a lot to curl up to, and some to curl your eyebrows at. Yes, just the way we like, and hope you do as well. Simon says:

«After having a super active year of releases, and also playing a lot live and collaborating with other artists, I finally took the time for reflections on my own practice. This mix reflects somewhat my own musical journey, going back to early futurismo and musique concrète, blending in some of my recent sounds with a selection of my vinyl collection. After mixing i realised how much I needed this calm and laid back mood at the very moment.» – Simon Grab

We hope to bring you similar programming via our growing podcast, but we could really use your help getting out the word, to get more hearing beings on deck! Remember to give us a Like, Re-post, Share w/friends, family, fans + foes. You can head over to our main page to binge listen a while (recommended) or simply stream below, it’s up to your ears.


Simon Grab – Yellow 2
Simon Grab – New born left alone
FT Marinetti – Definizione di Futurismo
Pierre Schaeffer – Etude pathétique
Pierre Schaeffer / Pierre Henry – Symphonie pour un homme seul
Soresucker – Journey through cheese
Pendulum Nisum – The sacred temple behind the light
G*Park – Cine
Norbert Möslang – The sound of insects
MRI Patricia Bosshard & Simon Grab – Aqua
BLK Tag – K231 Hiddend RVS RMX
Andreas O. Hirsch – Maxwell Mountains
MRI Patricia Bosshard & Simon Grab – Subambi
Eliane Radigue – Arthesis

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