Origins Episode Six – An Exploration

This is our 6th edition in the podcast sub-series, Origins! The series attempts to delve into the archival sound catalogue here at the Toneshift headquarters, in the passionate quest to cultivate genuine sonic nuggets, and make connections over time. This week we are featuring diverse work that seemingly connects universal dots from: Leonard Rosenman, Pierre Henry, COH, Nimh, Si Matthews, Dr. Timothy Leary, Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze, Louis And Bebe Barron, Woob, Nurse With Wound & The James Worse Public Address Method, Curd Duca, Benge, Anders Ilar and Sun Ra.

ACCELERATE: Remember to Follow, Share, Re-Post, Like and tell your friends, family, fans and foes alike – if you don’t, who will? This episode is almost a futuristic soundtrack, with ties to planet Earth, and we invite you to listen at your leisure. And watch for an entire series of special Guestmixes in the new year!

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