Year End Podcast

My friends and fellow listeners, we have come to the end of 2019, and the end of another decade. We are headed towards the nu-roaring twenties now. This is a bit of a crossover episode of our weekly podcast which comes in a little late (due to being amidst the holiday season). We didn’t want to overlook some critically important recently released work and a few that take us into early 2020 — so we snuck this final collection in before the big celebrations begin! Starting in 2020 Toneshift is going all podcast, all the time, leaving our reviews (+ written interviews) ion our archival shelves, just a click away.

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FEATURING: Sean Hamilton, Map Collection, Kate Carr, Bass Communion & Freiband, SONOLOGYST, Jordan Reyes, Craven Faults, Stas Ostrikov, Evitceles, Pauline Oliveros/Stuart Demptster/Panaiotis, Randi Pontoppidan & Christian Rønn

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