Guestmix by BLK TAG

Kicking off Toneshift’s 2020 Guestmix Series is an incredibly talented duo, two free improv soundsmiths from the US capitol known collectively as BLK TAG. Their mix is deeply steeped in breaking traditions with all the subtle nuances that populate their regional scene and far beyond. They also created their guestmix as a very special dedication.

BLK TAG is a Washington DC-based collaboration between JS Adams (BLK w/BEAR) and Chris Videll (Tag Cloud). The duo have released their dark ambient atmospheres on Front & Follow, Alrealon Musique, Fuzzy Panda Recording, Trace Recordings, and Zeromoon. BLK TAG has chosen to highlight their cohorts in the DC experimental/improv community — specifically, Keith Sinzinger aka The Great Illuminator who died suddenly in 2018. Keith is remembered for his creative passion, forging collaborations within the DC-Baltimore scene, and his sonic exploration of failed media and DIY electronics.

Next Week: Massimo Toniutti

An ominous, brooding, industrial soundtrack to something unthinkable, like awakening from sleep to discover you have been strapped to a table in a huge, dimly lit cavern.”


BLK TAG How Can I Fill The Void / I’ve Given My Soul Up For Things
BLK w/BEAR Collapse Inwards Upon Oneself (bonus download)
Fast Forty Oh, a Migrant Camp

In Memorium : The Grand Illuminator

STYLUS And All Thy Joy And Sorrow / Shall Never Pass Away
Janel Leppin The Newspaper Man, An Improvisation for Keith Sinzinger – Live
James Lawrence Wolf & Raven Bauer Durham In Sight
Grave Nature Spiritually Torpid
Tag Cloud Chaos


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