Building A Listening Community

For years I considered sound, in general, to be one of the more passive senses, except when engaged at a concert, or while curled up to a favorite record. Then I entered my early teens. Looking back, pot multiple decades, how naive I must have been. These days I find, even passive listening, to be a process of understanding, of life experience.

While many sound/listening experiences can be somewhat fleeting, between multitasking and the whitenoise of everyday life, even the faintest echo, mechanical buzz or distant pop music, has some meaning. Over the years I have, like many others, grown a deeper fondness for the slow life, for the opportunity to re-consider what passes through these ears – and here’s hoping that you will make a resolution to do the same.

It’s exciting to learn about listening rooms and project spaces focusing on the listening experience – as well as several small record shops making a comeback (!). For me, podcasting is like this incredible, new form of radio – something ‘for the people’ (w/out forceably selling anything) – just the time to focus on a curatorial mix, sharing without endless repetitive tracks! Remember listening stations at Tower Records, HMV and other local shops with listening stations (remember Other Music NYC/Cambridge)? I do. I’ve taken cues from here and there to piece together our weekly show that has led to others. The thought of actually building a listening community means something, real. And now we can do it on your time, at your convenience, ‘on demand’ so to speak, 24/7. There’s a creative control, a freedom there.

Join us, follow Toneshift today, become part of our listening community. After all we have added more exciting programming (and more to come), and it’s a commercial free trial without an expiration date!

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