Drop That Ghetto Blaster!

An itch to scratch.

ONE-OFF: And now for something completely different. Here are just a few of my personal “Guilty Pleasures” – songs that, not for trying, you just can’t get out of your head! Like a personal mix-tape for the gym? For shadow dancing (shadow boxing?).

Please pardon the intrusion, the minor flight of fancy, out of leftfield comes one of those one-off detours into the world of dance tracks from the last two decades that just captured my mood today. “What’s come over me? Wooo! Here it comes again!”

Every now and then I get in a certain mood let’s say. I hope you find this exercise at the very least – ‘entertaining’ (!). Here’s hoping by exposing my vulnerable side, that you don’t run for the hills! PS: This is NOT a new direction, just a tiny diversion – so, get up and dance! ♡

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